Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Single girl food

While I do not regret the impending demise of my single girl days, I am certainly cherishing the moments when it is just me. After a day of work, I go to spin class, amble home, feed my cat, and begin a simple and small meal for one that certainly would not be suitable for guests but makes me perfectly happy.

I pour myself a glass of wine and take out my cutting board and treasured knives. I sharpen my knife before beginning. My kitchen is a nice little haven and has wonderful stainless steel appliances and a pretty green backsplash. The novelty of cooking in this nook is still refreshing and I relish in knowing that this is my home that I have put together with hard work and care.

Additionally, I am a tupperware fanatic. Anything that is leftover and can be stored in tupperware will be. This provides everything a second or third chance and also creates decent portions for future use. Out of the fridge comes a tupperware with a tilapia filet (uncooked) and another tupperware with a portion of cold spaghetti. Then a bunch of kale.

I take the tupperware with the tilapia in it and pour in some white cooking wine (Goya). Add a splash of sesame oil, a smattering of crushed black papper and a pinch of salt. I let that sit while I chop some garlic. Then I wash and shred the kale. I drain it a bit but let it retain some water so that the steam will help break it down.

Heat olive oil in a pan and a pot that is large enough to hold the kale (remembering that kale is leafy but reduces greatly when cooked). When the oil is hot in the pan, reduce heat and add the filet. Pour the marinade on top and cover with lid.

Add garlic to the pot and after a few minutes, add the kale and cover. Add a capful of soy sauce, a capful of sweetened rice vinegar, and white pepper to taste. This should cook for no more than 5 minutes, if not less.

Spoon the kale over the cold spaghetti. By now the fish should be done and can be removed from heat. Enjoy with a book and red wine. Because you're a single girl, no need to share with anyone and the proportions are perfect.

After dinner perhaps I will indulge myself in a piece of dark chocolate (or two) and end the night with a grapefruit.


  1. Yup, this is single girl food...looking forward to married girl food post =D

  2. Hopefully the married girl food post is me gushing about the delicious dinner my hubby made for me!